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Google Ads Specialist
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Google Ads Specialist

We are an international Google Ads agency with Premier Google Partner status. We run Google Ads campaigns in 5 different languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French).

It started in 2008 when Patrick Lotte created his first Google Ads campaign for a massage salon in the Netherlands. After 2 weeks, the client asked if that ‘Google thingy’ could be turned off as they couldn’t handle the incoming requests. A new hobby was born and the massage salon grew into a successful wellness retreat.

In 2013, Echo Marketing was established and became Google Partner within 3 months. Through consistent growth and delivering the best results for our clients, Echo Marketing was awarded Google Premier Partner status in 2016.

Until 2017 we had a nice office with a bar, a great coffee machine and excellent lunches. But one of the best things of being a Google Ads specialist is that you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to good internet (and coffee). So we decided to follow our heart! We cancelled our expensive office and now work remotely, from home or somewhere else in the world. Then things really took off! We positioned ourselves more internationally, optimized our processes, extended our tool set and attracted local Google Ads specialists in Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain to serve international operating clients.

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