Visit London With The Best Free Apps

London is one of the most expensive among the European cities, just after Paris. Once you benefited from a free tour of Royal London with an amazing guide, you will want to go further by yourself. Be ready for the best London Apps: choose your traveling companions. Having a global vision of London Download the ….Read more »

How social media is helping terrorists recruit

Terrorists 2.0 exist! They are recruited on the web, via social media, through an islamist radicalization.  Jihadists chose social media to touch a lot of people, but also for their modernity. Their virility makes them extremely effective. The selection procedure is very well thought out.  The key words to reach an effective propaganda are, either ….Read more »

Cannes Lions 2016 Insights

The Cannes Lions Festival brings together thousands of creative minds in communications. Currently in the middle of the week, there is a push for even more personalized and innovative ways for brands to reach their audience. The marketing, advertising, and communications world is now looking to immerse people into their messages. Stop interrupting and start ….Read more »

Written Word No More?

Social media seems to know what we want before we do. In a society where instant gratification is so sought after, is Facebook hoping to feed even more into this obsession? It’s recent live stream feature sure makes it seem so. Facebook executives see the future of their platform moving in a direction that could ….Read more »

The New Business Side of Instagram

Instagram has become an important channel for businesses to promote their products, especially for companies that need strong visuals to help attract potential customers. Over time, Instagram has listened to the suggestions of its users to make modifications for them to more efficiently interact with their followers. The CEO and co-Founder of Jackson and Hyde, ….Read more »

Facebook Moments launches in the EU

Facebook has launched its facial-recognition photos app in Europe and Canada – without facial recognition. The program – Moments – was released in some countries in 2015, but withheld elsewhere because of local data privacy rules. Now Facebook has created a new version of the app that just links together photos of people who look ….Read more »

Obama to Dine with Royal Family in London

President Barack Obama will be having lunch with Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday at Windsor Castle this Friday. It will be his final time in London as President of the United States of America. Later that afternoon, he will have a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister, David Cameron where the two will ….Read more »

#Hashtags to Match: Fashionable Marketing

Instagram is a platform for businesses and consumers of all types of industries, and using the right hashtags to promote your posts is critical to finding the highest quality of Instagram followers. Due to the popularity or Instagram as an app in the fashion world, enthusiast of all levels come together to share ideas and ….Read more »