Mental Health and the Effects of Social Media

If, like me, you have binge-watched Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why – the teen drama which addresses important issues like mental health, teen suicide and bullying – you will agree that mental health awareness is important. More than 300 million people are currently living with depression and it’s a good time for everyone to talk about mental health and ….Read more »

The social media reactions from the marathon

Yet again, like most people, I was sat at home comfortably watching the Marathon behind my TV screen.   As most, if not all people will agree the memorable moment of this year’s marathon was when Swansea Harriers runner Matthew Rees selflessly helps a struggling David Wyeth complete the race in under 3 hours. Rees ….Read more »

We Are Not Ready For Beyonce’s Belly!

IT’S OFFICIAl! BEYONCE IS PREGNANT…WITH TWINS! That’s right, not one, but two mini beyonce babies and the world cannot wait! The first time Beyonce was pregnant with Blue, she announced it on stage revealing her baby bump. This time she decided to surpass everyone on Instagram with a stunning reveal photo which is now the most ….Read more »

Inauguration VS Women’s March

So a lot went down at the weekend. Friday was the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, which, in itself, will go down as one of the most controversial political moments in modern day history. On Saturday we saw over 5 million people around the globe march for women’s ….Read more »

Christmas Tweets!

IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! This can only mean one thing, CHRISTMAS TWEETS! Christmas is the best time of year for social media; the puns, the jokes and the campaigns. So we thought we would bring the best of the best all to one space so you can appreciate all of the epic people in the world ….Read more »

Trump’s Win: Top 20 responses on social media

The internet blew up, your whatsapp groups went mental and the first words to leave your mouth were probably WTF. There was definitely a feeling of uncertainty and despair in the air when you walked into work yesterday, and to think us Brits were only just starting to get over the blow of Brexit. We think it’s ….Read more »

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I do not know, so called it) ?? Walter van Beirendonck and Tony Delcampe met for the first time in Antwerp after a terrorist attack in the capital, Brussels 5 technicians to manipulate live-size puppets dressed in fashion Li 1381 **** 132 Hunan Province Mr MICHAEL Michael Kors Travel Zip Around Continental Wallet www1 If ….Read more »

Is Social Media To Blame For Kardashian Robbery?

Social media, a technology that has changed the world is so many ways. Bringing people closer together, allowing people to access technology in a new way and a network that has ultimately changed how the way business works. Visual networks such as Instagram and Snapchat allow us an insight into people’s personal lives, we are ….Read more »