Hooray, Black Friday is here!

    Have you had enough of hearing about Black Friday?! We did consider not mentioning it, but then again how couldn’t we? Even though high street shops and shopping centres are pretty empty ( have a look at this article ), the online version of Black Friday is doing really good. The internet is literally ….Read more »

How Social Media Reacted To The Paris Attacks

On Friday 13th November 2015, the unimaginable happened in Paris. With Friday the 13th being known for bringing bad luck, we didn’t think anything like this would happen. A series of attacks were bought upon the city of Paris on Friday night including suicide bombing, shootings and even hostage situations. The biggest impact of attack ….Read more »

Twitter stars are back!

As you might already know, back in the day people looked at the stars for directions…       So, we can understand if every single time you have a look at your Twitter feed you feel lost without your shiny little stars!     There’s no need to feel lost anymore, though. The Brooklyn-based developer ….Read more »

The New Twitter Button…Do You LOVE It?

This week, Twitter changed their famous favourite button from a star to a…heart! Not only that…these hearts will now equate to ‘likes’ rather than favourites! Twitter have claimed that people have been confused by the star button, especially those who are new to the platform. They released a statement concluding that ‘The heart is a universal ….Read more »