I’ve been #Ubered

Last Friday evening, it had gotten too late to take public transportation, thus I opted for an Uber. I always ask for an estimate for my journey, because it’s London and we cannot afford to be frivolous with British pounds. Almost home, my driver’s app began to beep frantically, so I moved my head to ….Read more »

Welcome to Dismaland

As you might already know, Weston-super-Mare it’s a small town in Somerset, located a few miles south west of Bristol. It’s also known as Weston-super-Mud (you don’t want to know…) and it’s famous for its many attractions like the Helicopter Museum, the pier, the aquarium and -last but not least- the brand new Dismaland bemusement ….Read more »

G Is For Google, Apparently

That’s right, Google did it again, they played with your heart and didn’t get lost in the cave, instead they started a new company. Called Alphabet. What is Alphabet we hear you ask, well we’re here to answer. Alphabet is the umbrella that now owns Google, and every other company they have acquired. It is ….Read more »

3 Things You Missed This Week

3 Things You Missed This Week I have to admit it, an e-mail from Hootsuite made my day last Wednesday. I was over the moon! YAY! Oh, wait. Have you tried it yet? The new feature is not nearly as cool as it sounds. It isn’t the revolution we were hoping for. As you can ….Read more »