I Said It First

Have you heard? If you plagiarize on Twitter, you’ll be reprimanded. Well, your tweet would be taken down and your followers would be able to see your copyright infringement. It’s like being in school all over again, only this time you can’t copy their homework or the world will know you’re a fraud, sorry Conan. ….Read more »

5 Things To Do When Facebook Locks You Out

You know those times when you’re stuck reading a huge stack of comments below a (fascinating and enticing) Facebook post? Yes, of course you do. I, for instance, do it all the time. Well, a few days ago, I was right in the middle of the reading of an engaging and absorbing post about the ….Read more »

Pizza Winking Face Dot Com

Two technical geniuses George Kedenburg III, a product designer at Facebook, and Eric Nakagawa (the “I can has cheezeburger” guy) have created a marvel of a website. We can now turn our boring text links into emoticons! We decided to give it a go, this is what TheSocialShop.co.uk would look like in emoticon.   It’s awfully easy to ….Read more »

Facebook’s new News Feed preferences

Big changes at Facebook this week. The social network is introducing a way to pick the people you want to see first when you load your News Feed. Don’t worry, it’s secret — only you can see your picks. Basically, this means you’ll see every–single–update (argh!) from the friends you select, so you won’t miss out on the stuff ….Read more »

Thumb-Free & Proud!

Finally! The moment our carpel-tunnel has been waiting for! Snapchat has dropped their hold to view and has replaced it with tap! No more slipping of the finger and missing out on that one second snap. We now can tap our screens and witness the image for the length they’ve chosen to show it to ….Read more »