It’s Europe’s vision but is it Britain’s?

Almost one week ago, we all gathered at our friend’s houses, dressed in gowns and beards, drank wine and celebrated an old tradition, Eurovision. Some acts were original: and some were sending a very strong message…  Some didn’t belong there, geographically: But all in all, we can say one thing for certain, Britain still sucked. Lack ….Read more »

How to get 1 million followers in under 5 hours

Six years into his presidency, Barack Obama is finally on Twitter as @POTUS.   According to Guinness World Records, Obama who signed up for his own Twitter account on the 18th of May, racked up 1 million followers in under 5 hours. As you might already know, this isn’t the first time Obama has used Twitter. When he’s ….Read more »

Facebook: Instant Articles

It’s true; Mark wants to take over the world, or at least our phones. We are welcoming the new Instant Articles, whereby we don’t need to leave our app in order to read about current events, celebrity gossip and/or general interest pieces. Companies such as: Buzzfeed, NBC, National Geographic, The Guardian and BBC News have ….Read more »

The 2015 UK General Election (Twitter edition)

Debate will continue about whether this was a “social media election”, but the truth is thousands and thousands of people chosen Twitter for expressing their views. According to Topsy there have been more than 8m of election related tweets in the last month, and more than 2.3m tweets alone using the hashtag #GE2015. Unfortunately people used multiple ….Read more »

The Less Cliché Uses Of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most genius social media websites out there today. By pinning images you’re creating an entire database for your own/ companies use. People who learn by visuals are having a field day with image-based recipes, how-tos for the garden, and preserving lemons. Yes, we’ve all seen the stunning pictures of Emma’s ….Read more »