The Digital Content Summit 2015

This week we’ve attended the Digital Content Summit 2015, needlees to say it’s been amazing! So here’s our selection of #DCS2015 best tips, advices and quotes. The first one is from Alona Elkayam, The Brandinista. She talked about her experience as a Managing Creative Director at Marriott, explaining the process behind the creation, the development and the ….Read more »

Tinder and Instagram, A Social Love Story

Tinder and Instagram have now found love, with each other. Yes, you heard it; the tech giants have joined forces to enable their users to find a well rounded and more in depth definition of love. One smart option they’ve allowed is to un-privatize your Instagram page solely for the purpose of Tinder. Now your ….Read more »

The Top 3 Ads Of The Week

It’s been an amazing week for advertising, so we’ve decided to share with you our top 3!   3) Birds Eye  The food brand, best known for its fish fingers and peas, created a giant 20ft ice block with coins and notes frozen inside to raise awareness of food waste and encourage consumers to use ….Read more »

The New Friend

Is it just us, or are we getting a bit too sentimental on social media? Aren’t we seeing an influx of appreciations for acquaintances that have suddenly become socially important, just to show what was consumed/bought/watched that day? When we like, share, comment, and tag, who are we really doing it for? Is it self ….Read more »