The 7 Deadly Social Media Sins

It is a well known fact that we now spend more time on social media than other any Internet activity. Social Media isn’t going anywhere, even if there was a slight panic earlier this week when Facebook & Instagram suffered a technical hitch causing both to be down for several hours and the hashtag #SocialMeltdown2015 ….Read more »

Hashtag The #Hashtag

It was only added to the dictionary last year, but it is likely you already knew about this buzz word it before then. The word Hashtag. A word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies or categorises the accompanying text. It is a great concept for when you are searching some something specific via ….Read more »

Living App to App

Convenience and communication are the pillars of social media. We’ve come so far in making sure everybody is connected at every point of their lives, wherever they may be. A few countries have their mobile phone connection better than their Wi-Fi. Progression is definitely there and it is growing everyday. But when does progression in ….Read more »

How Social Media reacted to Charlie Hebdo attack

Shortly after three gunmen killed twelve people at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, #CharlieHebdo and #JeSuisCharlie  began to trend worldwide. In the hours since the midday attack on Wednesday 7th January there have been nearly 3.4m tweets alone using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie and more than 5m featuring #CharlieHebdo, according to Topsy (a tool for searching ….Read more »