The best Santa’s on Social Media

When I was younger Father Christmas was someone who I posted a letter to in the North Pole around late November time and if I was lucky my parents would take me to a department store to visit him in his Grotto. Now Santa is on Twitter, talks to you through apps and there is ….Read more »

Facebook hints at a ‘Dislike’ button

Ever since the ‘like’ button came into use back in 2009 there has been call for a dislike button so you can make your feelings clear to some of the drivel and views people share on facebook, or that photo of you looking awfully drunk that your ‘friend’ puts up. Although Facebook has previously dismissed ….Read more »

Is the ‘Brick’ making a comeback?

As a nation we love a bit of nostalgia – there’s something comforting about looking back on a time when things were more simple. It gives us those warm and fuzzy feelings, which may explain why a number of us are heading backwards with technology. It appears oversized and retro phones (aka – the ‘brick’ ….Read more »