Death of the Facebook Poke

Ah, the Facebook poke! Such fond memories, ‘He poked me’ ‘OMG that must mean he likes you!’ When Facebook first came out, poking was a new concept, it was fun, it was cheeky. It was the internets way of say someone giving your bum a squeeze on a night out. It was also annoying – ….Read more »

The Anti-Social Networkers

This week Facebook announced its plans to create a new professional network which would be like ‘Facebook for work’. These plans seemed to have been met with much disdain, scoffs and eye rolling. Although Facebook now has over a billion members, growth has slowed and it seems to have lost it’s cool factor touch from ….Read more »

The Power of Christmas Adverts on Social Media

Yep. It’s that time of year again, It seems to start earlier every year. The last week we have seen the release of several festive commercials. For a certain generation, the start of Christmas was announced by a certain Red truck driving along lit up, Coca-Cola is heavily credited with ‘inventing ‘ the Christmas Ad ….Read more »

How Social Media affects our job search

Job hunting is not what it used to be. Long gone are the days when you would buy a local paper, circle the jobs that caught your attention then proceed to telephone them. When I was a teenager I remember heading to the shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon with friends to hand out CV’s ….Read more »