What will the smartphone exterminate next?

The phenomenon of the obsolete product has become more and more prevalent in our times. As the growth and development of technology expands exponentially many many products are left trailing in the wake of newer, faster, shinier, and ever more capable equipment. Above all other developments it is the smartphone that has rapidly, repeatedly advanced ….Read more »

LinkedIn takes the ‘work’ out of networking

LinkedIn has released Connected, a new app which replaces the now year old Contacts, announcing the app in a blog post on 10th July. Connected expands on the function of Contacts by helping to keep you updated with news from your network more easily as well as aiding in the expansion of your connections. The ….Read more »

The Social Shop attends London Anthropology Day 2014

We will start this post by making a short statement: Anthropology and the digital world are deeply connected. But how? The Social Shop team is obviously keen to understand a bit more about everything, and that’s why we decided to attend the London Anthropology Day 2014, held in the British Museum on 3rd July and ….Read more »

Social Media Opens Wimbledon to All

Wimbledon tournament has this year taken special steps to make its presence felt across many social media platforms to keep fans fully up to date with goings on on court and, more significantly, to encourage audience participation in the event. Far from using their Twitter and Facebook accounts just to keep fans informed of the ….Read more »