#WorldCup2014 on Twitter

Twitter has put together a whole live social conversation to track the most popular sporting tournament in the world, with features amazingly designed and dedicated to the World Cup, such as hashflags, World Cup timeline, and matches timeline. Hashflags: they existed in 2010’s World Cup and are back this year. When you hashtag a three-letter ….Read more »

FIFA World Cup 2014 is 100% mobile and social

Whether watching the World Cup matches at a local pub or from home with friends and or family, it’s impossible to stay away from the social media buzz. This year’s World Cup is noticeably all about mobile and social media. And FIFA is making an effort to make their social presence felt. FIFA’s official social ….Read more »

A guide to photo dimensions on Social Media

The social media platforms are often launching new designs, trying to keep more and more visual. But if you are a Community Manager or simply run your small business’ profiles over social media, it gets really hard to keep up with every single update, right? Thinking about that, we tried to gather all the recommended dimensions ….Read more »

Must-Read Social Media Books

If you are looking for ways to improve your social media marketing skills, we have picked a few books recommended by pros to help you implement your social media in your business. #1 The Social Media Advantage: An Essential Handbook for Small Businness, by Holly Berkley and Amanda Walter. This book will walk you through the ….Read more »