Tips for engaging your Twitter community

Twitter has more than 230 million active users per month, generates more than 500 million Tweets per day, and 76% of its access is through mobile devices. We are talking about a real-time social media platform that connects users in over 35 languages to the latest stories, ideas, from entertainment and news to brands and ….Read more »

Tips for Social Customer Service

Are you listening to your customers on Social Media platforms? As we all know, poor communication can have epic consequences, so let us give you a few tips for offering great customer service via social media: Be fast. Social media moves at rapid-fire pace and functions 24/7. Try to respond to all social media inquiries within ….Read more »

Why Social Media for small business? [Infographic]

How getting social can help you to grow your business Why invest in traditional marketing when the world is going mobile and social media? For all sorts of businesses, small or large companies, is best to be out there in order to be seen, to prospect new customers, and to communicate with your audience. There ….Read more »

BIMA Hot 100 of 2014

The top members of the Digital industry, by @BIMA on 1st of May The second annual celebration of the 100 top digital influencers in UK took place at The Mayfair Hotel, in central London. The event also paid a tribute to bright personalities whose careers have helped build the digital industry, as @KateBurnsie, @Ajaz, @arusbridger, @petecashmore, ….Read more »