The Social Shop “notworking” at @Glug

5 thoughts about “For the love of craft”, on 24th April The creative industry look into the love of craft at Cargo, in Shoreditch area, London, where the event was held. And these are our thoughts: 1. The talented boys from @wearesuburb – Phil and Anthony – showed us the importance of the tiniest details, ….Read more »

The importance of Social Bookmarking

Why you need to act on Social Bookmarking today Incase Social Bookmarking is a new term for you, it’s an online method for companies, bloggers and various other internet users to search, organise, manage and store various bookmarks of internet web pages. A Social bookmark is saved on public websites by submitting and sharing content ….Read more »

How important is social media for E-Commerce [Infographic]

Many E-Commerce businesses in recent years have switched to social media channels to increase the volume of sales and reach for their product or service. Experts have been debating the importance of social media and how we can benefit from it and in this very helpful infographic created by Mobstac, a platform creates customized mobile ….Read more »

Social Media Digest [3]

Twitter partners will Billboard to create real time Music Chart Twitter’s partnership with Billboard will see the social network create a chart to track real time conversations about music, similar to what they’ve rolled out with Nielsen to rank TV shows. The new initiative will allow Twitter to distribute real-time chart news beyond with ….Read more »