The Importance of ‘Out Of Office’ Emails

Out Of Office Emails Before smart phones ‘Out Of Office’ was a necessity to manage your incoming emails, help improve your time management and filter through your inbox. But thanks to technology we now have access to our emails 24/7, allowing us to keep on top of incoming emails on a daily basis, whilst sitting ….Read more »

Social Media Digest [2]

Exciting Times at Twitter Twitter has faced some perplexing issues this week, one being that the refresh button has been unable to live up to it’s name ‘refresh’, and the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has pledged to ban the social network in order to allegedly preserve citizens privacy. Incase the refresh button drama ….Read more »

LinkedIn Infographic

How the social network drives the majority of leads and conversions [Infographic] The research for the infographic has been collected by Oktopost, who  has found that over 80% of B2B leads and conversions came from LinkedIn.

Social Media Digest [1]

Facebook New Streamline Look If you only access Facebook from your phone then you may not have noticed or even care that they’ve streamlined all the pages on the social network. If you are expecting new functionality with the overhaul of the pages I’m afraid all that you’ll find, other than being streamlined, is that ….Read more »

Select The Right Photo On Instagram [Infographic]

Use Instagram effectively Are you forever trying to select the perfect photos for Instagram? Are you left confused why one of your photos get 1000 likes and others are left with tumbleweed drifting past.  Olapic have created an Infographic to give you all the answers. The visual commerce platform Olapic analysed 130,000 photos from 61 ….Read more »

Facebook Reach Has Plummeted

HAVE YOU NOTICED A CHANGE IN YOUR ORGANIC REACH ON FACEBOOK? According to statistics the dubious Facebook Reach has plummeted since October last year by nearly 50%, based on a study of 106 Facebook pages from around the world. The organic reach has come under scrutiny of late but the latest decline is set to ….Read more »