Social Media New Years Resolutions

There are many Social Media tips floating about online to help you improve your Social Media presence in the New Year, our favourite article thus far comes from The Social Times who posted 6 very simple ways to help you improve your Social Media presence in 2014. 1. The Social Media landscape is constantly changing ….Read more »

Facebook Home

Facebook’s Home has been given a ton of bad press of late with few users willing to accept changing the face of their phone. Yesterday Facebook launched a redesign in the hope of making the change to Home an easy transition for all users, the features include the traditional lockscreen by overlaying phone and Facebook ….Read more »

The Social Media Journey (2008 – 2013)

It seems impossible to keep up with the ever developing and constantly changing Social Media world and this Infographic posted on Business2commmunity highlights its journey from 2008 to present day and the roots stretch far deeper than you might imagine….. Read more HERE

Facebook Puts Its Web Feed In Motion With Auto-Playing Videos

If your Facebook News Feed wasn’t lively enough its about to get a whole lot busier. Facebook have recently rolled out their auto-play feature for videos to all mobile users. Until now, the News Feed has been still, meaning everything stays put as you scroll past. With this latest breakthrough once the rollout is complete, ….Read more »

Instagram to launch a new messaging service

It’s been confirmed that Instagram is preparing to launch a new messaging service on its platform next year… sounds great or does it? The Instagram ephemeral messaging system would be the social media giants ace card to compete with an area dominated by Snapchat. The messaging feature that will be part of the profile section ….Read more »

Photo Tagging Algorithm on Facebook

Since 2010, Facebook has used facial recognition software to automatically tag your friends in photos. Now one researcher has come up with an algorithm that tags photos based on the relationships that people in images already have with each other. Check out this video posted on a couple day ago

Create a Social Media Strategy for 2014 Success

Did you put together a Social Media Strategy in 2013?  Are you aware how Social Media can help drive traffic and revenue to your business now? Now I’ve got your attention, it’s time to start putting together a solid strategy for 2014. The problem for many business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs has been integrating a ….Read more »

RIP Nelson Mandela

A long walk to freedom but he’s finally there. RIP Nelson Mandela – gone but not forgotten