Google Glass now available…. by invitation

Google will be relying on social networking to put its internet-connected glasses on the heads of more people, by allowing existing users of the ‘Explorer’ program to each invite 3 friends. There has been roughly roughly 10,000 Glass owners who began testing the device earlier in the year, who are now allowed to invite up ….Read more »

Get Your Employees to Embrace Social Media

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies haven’t entirely embraced the ever changing social media world and it’s probably for a number of reasons. One of them being that companies are yet to recognise the potential revenue streams for the business and the opportunities offered for all industries. An article posted on the social media examiner ….Read more »

Repost.US – re-posting etiquette

Repost.US is a fee service that launched in April this year to help provide publishers with a platform to share and embed full articles in a similar way that YouTube allows users to share and embed clips without having to log in to the service. Websites now have the ability to add a repost button ….Read more »

How Can You Use Social Media for Proactive CSR Activity?

Social Media can be a great asset to large corporations and it’s now more than ever that they need to react to the ever changing digital-sphere and social media world. By creating a proactive CSR (corporate social responsibilities) can help build brand awareness for a corporation and can highlight their activities internally and externally. Companies ….Read more »